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    They've stood by her through thick and thin and known her practically her whole life.

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    What is also alarming is our elected GOP legislators are also repeating what Donald Trump is siding.It's looking like the GOP is potentially being complicit to whatever Donald Trump is involved in regarding to the Russia investigation.I just don't know HOW the TRUMP supporters are ok with this.This is going to affect them as well unless their part of the 1 percent.Wells Fargo as a business commits tons of felonies and gets this kind of a tax benefit?someone's priorities are way out of line...Congressperson who votes for this legislation is doing ONLY one thing...protecting the interests of the mega-wealthy and corporations....so sad.......At this point is not looking good for Donald Trump.Needs to shut up and let the investigation run its course. I see hypocrite people dot-dot-dot the coordinate attack to make up some contrived situation and nothing is coming out of and how much millions have you spent on it and it's been over 8 months Conspiracy to commit obstruction.

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    The lawyers should also be referred to bar counsel. They love law enforcement except when their conduct is under review. The fault isn’t with the guy trying to GET a job, it’s with the idiot in chief who put him in that place.

    Hell I’d love to be a Judge too and if I could get the job without all the hard work, I’d love that even more. If Trump can become President, I can become whatever I want.

    This is some of the most painful television I've watched. My question is this: 20 years of public service, yay for you. Did you not have any idea what was headed your way? Did this guy even take the Barr exam or did he pay somebody to take it for him? Well, Thank Trump again, for another embarrassing moment in this " make it great again America ".

    Also, most of the tax cuts go to the rich and corporations.

    Even the small pittance they give the middle class is taken back after 7 years, and then we still have to pay the 1.5 trillion dollar debt on this fiasco of a "tax cut for the rich and big business." Of course it is.

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      Our mission is to help you make an informed decision.

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      They regarded mothers as nurturers and care givers.

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      I will need to plan my time away so it can't be a spur thing so looking for some guy that can help me out and pre arrange a group meet.

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      Calculate even with the VBE window open and visible.

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